Author Topic: "Cycling Swap with Me" in Bath hailed a success  (Read 1783 times)

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"Cycling Swap with Me" in Bath hailed a success
« on: October 27, 2013, 09:16:39 AM »
From the First Bus website:

A Cycling Swap with Me event held by First in Bath to promote road safety with local cyclists and the company's bus drivers has been hailed as a big success.

Held on Saturday 5 October at the Odd Down Cycle Circuit off Chelwood Drive in Bath, the purpose of the event was to help cyclists and bus drivers to understand the safety concerns that each can have when sharing the roads.

The Cycling Swap with Me event was well attended by cyclists from Bath and the nearby areas as well as First bus drivers and staff. Also at the event was the Mayor of Bath, Malcom Lees, Odd Down councillor, Nigel Roberts, members of the Sulis Scorpions, a local young persons' cycling club who train regularly at the site, and representatives from Cycling Instructor who helped to run the activities.

For the exercises cyclists got to sit in the bus driver's seat and bus drivers were able to cycle past a stationary bus. Participants were also able to talk to each other about their experiences, share ideas and discuss the things they had learned about the best practises for safer journeys.

First also plans to roll out a number of other Cycling Swap Me events across the region in the future, which it is hoped will mean that many more bus drivers and local cyclists will be able to benefit from the invaluable insights that the 'Swap with Me' exercise can offer.

Aileen Brown, Membership Secretary for Bath Cycling Club, says, "Everyone involved felt that the event was very beneficial. Parents and children had the opportunity to learn how to overtake a stationary bus without disappearing from the driver's view and about the wider turning circle of larger vehicles as well as hazards, such as bus passengers emerging from in front of buses. It's only by giving both cyclists and drivers the opportunity to see the view from the other person's perspective that we learn to share the roads in safety."

"We hope to continue our road safety work with First and a number of projects are currently in the pipeline. This includes working with First and cyclists all over BANES to identify perceived accident spots so that a map can be drawn up for bus drivers to use as part of their continuing driver awareness training."

Natacha Tagholm, Regional Customer Services Manager, says, "The Cycling Swap with Me event was a big success and we have plans to run a number of similar events in the future. We were really pleased to see the amount of people who came along and, as one of the region's biggest transport providers, it was great to be able to connect with so many keen cyclists in this way. In particular we would like to thank the hard work of independent cycling trainer, Marc Taylor, and Paul Lowe from Cycling Instructor who did a fantastic job running the training events."

Cyclists who would like to register their interest in attending future sessions, should email their name and contact details to