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Shop Local Saturday timing for 2014


Robin S:
In the run up to Shop Local Saturday 7th Dec we noticed that most towns had their Christmas lights switch on before then, some as early as the first week in November. So it got us thinking that maybe for next year it would be a good idea to have it a bit earlier and suggest that lights switch ons could coincide with it by being held the Friday before.

Would this be a good idea, or should we stick with the first weekend of Dec? Would love to hear your thoughts on this.

I think you should do Shop Local Saturday every month, or quarterly at least to keep the shops in the forefront.
With regard to light switch on, we did ours on the first Saturday of December - we would plan to do that again next year, so if you are going for one day, then I would suggest that it should be sooner in the month than later

Hope that helps

Robin S:
Thanks for your comments Sam. I see where you're coming from but I think the problem with doing it more often is that it would lose it's impact. At the moment we're planning to have a big campaign for Independents Day on 4th Jul and Shop Local Saturday again next December , but inbetween those we have some big ideas in the pipeline to keep promoting Shop Local all year round (on top of tweeting it to death) but will say more about that when plans are more solid.

For the moment I'll be starting to promote promote the Shop Local Challenge next week, encouraging people to try giving up supermarkets for a year. Will get more active on this after Christmas as it's probably a good one to do as a new year's resolution.
There's a page on the site about it here: http://shoplocal.org.uk/shop-local-challenge/

Definitely agree that Shop Local Saturday shouldn't be any later than the first weekend of Dec. Thought it might be good if we could pick a date towards the end of Nov that works for most places to have their lights switch on as in a lot of places these tend to be big events and could be used to promote Shop Local Saturday if it was the day before or a couple of days before.

I guess there are reasons why local councils have their lights switch ons when they do, which probably vary from one area to another. Hopefully if we start talking about it now, it will be enough notice to co-ordinate things.


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