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Robin S:
I just got an email from asking me to sign this petition about painting a postbox gold for Lizzy Yarnold who won a gold medal in Sochi. I replied asking them if they could please restrict their emails to petitions about things that actually matter.

Here's the exchange of emails:

I was dismayed this morning to receive an email from you asking me to sign a petition to paint a postbox gold for someone who won a medal at the olympics. Is this really worth sending an email out about? Presumably a decision was made by your team that this was important enough to send out an email to members.

I'd appreciate it if you could stick to sending emails about stuff that actually matters. Of all the things wrong with the world, this isn't even on the scale. does great work in promoting causes fighting injustice that has real significant effects on people's lives, so please don't put people off by bothering them with such insignificant things.

Dear Robin,

Thank you for contacting the Help Center and for taking the time to share your thoughts on this. We really appreciate it. Occasionally, when a promising campaign starts to gain momentum, we will offer additional support to the petition creator to help move it forward. In this case, we helped the campaign in question by sending out an action alert to all users who may be interested in this based on previous petitions that they have signed.

If the action alert is not relevant to your interests, we definitely would like to hear about it. We also track any unsubscribes that may occur after an action alert is sent in order to help gauge its effectiveness and relevancy. These are both the best ways to let us know if we’re not directing you to campaigns that you might find personally relevant. Your feedback helps us improve the platform in the future.

Thank you for your helpful feedback. We always appreciate it!


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